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New Jersey’s Winter Wear Skincare


Living in an environment of continuous weather changes may lead to confusion on how to maintain healthy glowing skin. This winter in New Jersey is a perfect example. In fact many New Jerseyans are now referring to the month of January 2012 as “Juneuary.” So the question is, “If most of the days in a particular winter month are seasonable warm, with a couple of below freezing days thrown in, how may someone be flexible with their skin care regime, as well as not spending a ton of money in the process?”

Sandra LaMorgese M.S.,H.N. states “Our skin care regime should reflex the contributing environmental factors. LaMorgese further explains that to make it simple and to keep down the cost, “Look in the kitchen or bathroom cabinets. For example: On colder days, use a heavier make up remover such as organic virgin coconut oil, and on warmer days, something lighter will do such as jojoba oil. In addition, instead of purchasing a lighter and heavier moisturizer to adjust to the influx of sudden weather changes, simply add 400 IU of vitamin E on the colder days to the lighter daily moisturizer.”