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Health Tips Crash Course

The modern world is filled with quick fixes. As a result people have come to rely on outside influences when it comes to beauty and vitality. Americans spend an estimated $8 billion a year on beauty cosmetics, $12.4 billion on cosmetic surgery, and $86 billion on antidepressants alone. However, the human body, mind and spirit are capable of supplying all the anti-aging, beauty and vitality desired, just by giving it what it needs. There’s the rub. The physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are a whole lot different than what the media and the marketing geniuses are letting on to. Think about it…there’s not much money to be made on simple deep breathing exercises for increasing circulation and detoxification, or simply applying lime juice on facial skin for increased exfoliation. Sandra LaMorgese M.S., H.N. explains “Going back to the simple beauty and vitality secrets that our grandparents or great grandparents shared with us are in our best interest. Not only are these home remedies affordable and simple, they support the theory that beauty and vitality are interconnected, outer beauty is only a reflection of the wellness from within. Furthermore, not surprisingly, positive health and beauty results are achieved in a very short period of time.” Listed below are 10 (of 55) of LaMorgese’s “Simple Beauty Secrets You Can Live With… Beauty and Vitality Addressed From The Inside Out.” 1. Pray and Meditate: When you pray and meditate, you are in a higher vibration of the Divine source of love, happiness, joy, gratitude, and peace. When you’re in this blissful state, healthy cells are created instantaneously. 2. Your Daily Diet Should Consist of at Least 51% RAW Foods. Easier then you think! An example of 75% RAW: RAW Fruit for Breakfast RAW Almonds as a Midday Snack RAW Hummus Salad for Lunch Cooked Foods for Dinner 3. Drink 4, 12 Ounces Glasses of Water with Lime Juice in the Morning. · Helps cleanse the liver · A clean liver = beautiful skin 4. Healthy Fats are Your Friends • Your Brain is composed of 70% Fat, and consumes 20% of your Daily Calories to Function (Walnuts) • Helps Trim the Fat! Fat Slows Down Digestion, So You’ll Feel Fuller for a Longer Period of Time (Olive Oil) • Your Skin Loves Vitamin E (Avocados) 5. Processed Sugar is NOT Your Friend • Sugar May Lead to Tooth Decay • Sugar Alters the Makeup of Collagen, Which Causes Premature Aging • Sugar Causes Weight Gain by Increase the Amount of Food That You Eat (Sugar is addicting…The more you eat, the more you want.) 6. If you need to salt your food to enhance the flavor, use Pink Himalayan Salts. They are full of all the minerals the body, mind and spirit needs. • Studies show that depression may be caused by a mineral deficiency • Minerals encourages the production of collagen and elastin 7. Use Jojoba oil as a skin moisturizer on the face and body. · Jojoba oil properties best resemble human skin sebum, which tricks the body into regulating oil production · Jojoba oil is an antioxidant and protects from the harmful effects of free radicals 8. Don’t Worry, Be Happy… You can worry 24/7, however, it’s not going to help you find a solution, or improve your health and beauty. As a child (or adult), do you remember when your mother told you when you pouted “Your face is going to freeze that way?” It will! Plus, all that worrying is just going to suppress your immune system (it’s called imaginary unnecessary stress) 9. Have Sex Often (and no, you do not need a partner to have sex.) · Reduces stress, which in turn supports the immune system · Increases circulation for a healthy glow 10. Sleep · Resting and digesting and repairing · Sleep on you back to avoid creating premature lines and wrinkles