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Update From our Eastern Ukranian Contributor

"They just want a new country"

"Wow, thanks for this opportunity. so here I continue about the situation for today. It's 23 Ferbruary 2014, Ukraine is in difficult situation. After some events took place here during previous week our country has been reformated. News report about the consequences and you might know them: new government, some new ministers, presidents flew to Eastern Ukraine, Timoshenko is free... but all events you get from mass media can't be and must not be accepted in the way they are interpritated. As for me, the person living here, I learnt how to analyse info I get. Never trust any fact, header you see in mass media before you know the points of view of several sources. What happened in my opinion? The whole company of Maidan began in November, when the issue of EU or Russia was discussed. It was the reason to gather people at protests. Now we don't hear about EU for more than month. Everyone wants just new country with new constitution. How usual it is for politicians to use people for own interests but firstly giving them another reason. After weeks of information war people's minds are full of corrupted ideals, symbols and objectives. Who knows who exactly shot anybody? ***"