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NJ.ORG / Kiev dialogue - Pro Russian contributor

I thank you so much for adding more to your request for an update. Reading it however I must ask you... Do you sincerely think that the West is orchestrating any of the events in the last two weeks ? You said yourself that it started with pro EU protest but that has not come up in a month. Why must Putin and pro Russian Ukrainians consider an independent Ukraine with ties to both sides a problem? Many intellectuals are of the opinion Putin wants another USSR. What would be your reaction if Russian troops moved in ? Can you send my a picture of you in shadow?
I've seen how such protests are forced to disappear in Europe and USA - brutal force of police, arrests... when force was used in Ukraine West accused police in it. why these double standards? Present government is not legally chosen, but USA declares that it's legit. why? It's obvious that it's their objective. That's true that Putin wants USSR again I think, but it was a very powerful country, why it would be bad? More important, I suppose, that Ukraine is a transit country between Russia and Europe, it's strategic territory. Having it in control gives many advantages. Russian troops won't come I think. He should have helped earlier. Now it's too late, and the fact that Yanukovich had to capitulate confirms the fact that Putin refused having any connections with him. But anyway if it happens, I'll try to leave country with my family.