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2 March Exclusive Update from our Eastern Ukraine Contributor

Today is 2 March 2014 and we have a very stressful situation here in Ukraine. As known, Russian troops began their activity in Crimea. Putin declared that this step is made to protect Russian people on our territory, but mostly people say there are no threats. In my opinion in nearest future if everything was the same as it was, there could be some aggression towards Russian people in Ukraine coming from the side of nationalists from Western Ukraine. For now, Russian military forces are protecting there military bases and don't assault ours. I'm sure they try to provocate our soldiers to act, to shoot or something like that. After this they can act more freely and it's horrible to know. Provocations on Maidan in February caused all this mess, and now Russia hits new government with its weapon actually. If something goes words way, our country is unable to resist Russian Federation as our army is in pretty poor condition. As I know we have less than 100,000 soldiers in army, while Russia only for today notice sent about 150,000 soldiers to Crimean bases (or in progress of doing so). Fighting Russia is a suicide for us alone... unless NATO, USA won't take part, which will actually mean the beginning of 3rd World War. 
But now, I don't think it will take place at all. Nobody needs this war, especially if Ukraine is the reason. We're important of course, but not as much as Libya for example. Some actions will take place, some people will die, but not as in real war. They say about mobilization, but yet I didn't get any notice from military authority so far. I'm not sure that I'll go to war if I get one at all. Russia is our neighbour and brother, we're almost the same. How can we kill each other? 
One thing is really happening here: people of Ukraine becomes more and more splitted in two parts: West and East, but now they don't differ in loyalty to Yanukovich or not, but in accepting Putin's actions or not. Listening to simple citizens gives a pretty scary picture. Somebody can say really ridiculous words about him, others are just silent... Perhaps East wants Russia to come and conquer them... without fighting. Agression from the West during this revolution planted idea in people's mind that East will not live nicely after new government came to rule.