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Live Ukraine Update 13 March

(From our reporter in Ukraine)   Hello! It's  Ukrainian citizen speaking. It's the 13 March 2014 and we're still in this political, military and financial crysis. Crimea is occupated by soldiers without any signs to identify them. They take control over more and more military objects in Crimea. Our soldiers don't resist, as there was no order to open fire as they say.
Meanwhile, our government negotiate with EU about association and it will cause huge increasing of fees to pay for electricity, gas and so on, but without raising of salaries all over the country.
Also the situation is heated up by people who want to split Ukraine into pieces. In all this mess it's hard to make decisions on whom to support, how to act. So many events take place, that if I just calm down and try to formulate some sense in all this, some rational meaning and to clear situation on what's going on - I will spend days and won't be able to believe in any theory. News we get from everywhere contradict each other. But since 12 March I notice our Ukrainian news sources begin critisize and compromise new government, but before it they totally supported people who came to power after Yanukovich left. It's a sign for me, that something is happening... politics and people who rule them loose control and pro-russian citizens more and more get the influence like natinalists from Western Ukraine did some time ago. They had NATO, EU and USA supporting them and separatists have Russia. But here we can't judge and declare if any of these sides is right or wrong, good or evil.
Russian army in Crimea actually acts agains the international law and in normal countries such intervention would be met properly (but the fact that Russia doesn't accept that this army is their doesn't allow our army to interfere as it would be army operations against our people - this law loop may be also just an excuse for our army to stay away). But before all this new people came to government also without following all the laws so it's like 1:1... but it's impossible to find who was the first to break the law and start this mess. All I understand is that it's wrong to refer any plans, any actions of ruling people to desire to improve life level of simple citizens. Everything is done, declared just to complete one objective: more money and more power to group of people which are connected within this group. From one side: our new government doesn't act as it should have acted to improve simple people's life, but they changed all the ministers, all major authorities replacing by people who are loyal to them. No plan, no promises... we never heard anything. They just took power and now do whatever they want, or told to do. On the other side Russian aggression is not noble will to protect Russian-speaking people here, it's just an excuse as Crimea was always important for USSR as navy base first of all, secondly they must show to all world that such power takeover ends up badly, so that it won't happen in Russia as well. I'm sure they will capture Crimea anyway. This Sunday on 16th they'll have referendum there and I suppose it will be faked intentionally to declare that people want to be part of Russia. That's when many secrets and mysteries will be revealed. All sides of conflict will act. I'm not sure we'll have World War 3 as everyone knows there won't be any victors if it happens. All decisions will be made somewhere up high, where ordinary people can't access and it's sad... no democracy here... I think nowhere in the world actually. All choices we make are an illusion. Now they force us to choose: Russia or Ukraine with EU and I don't know which to choose as both sides lied to us, frames us and in the meantime was good to us. So, globally no truth can be declared, but among people who really decide what happens next I think some agreement will be made. I wonder, what if some wars and conflicts start just because somebody spilled champagne on opponents suit?:)