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NJ.ORG Exclusive Update From Ukraine 6 May

Good day to everyone! It's 6 May 2014, I'm the citizen of regional city in the Eastern Ukraine and things got really rough here in my motherland. It's hard to find words, expressions to describe everything what's going on around, in our minds, in hearts. Firstly, country is in state of civil war already, not like when troops have thousands of soldiers killing each other all over the country... but warfare captures citizens minds, find the deepes emotions and pushes! This when ideals and opinions get out and person is no longer a silent, wind following unit of society, he becomes a citizen, a human, the one who can kill for his ideals. It's the worst state of ideology following process. The events in Odessa on 2nd May just changed everything! Nobody is indifferent, you either like that people were burnt, or you hate those who did it. Now the protests are more violent, people are angry and it's dangerous to express your mind openly, as you never know - maybe your friend will hurt you for what you say? Things become more and more like in Yugoslavia during its elimination. 
Now a bit information without emotions. As Kiev says - Anti-terroristic operation in Donetsk region is active. Every day we hear about fights near Slavyansk where squad took control over whole city and defends itself. Kiev is sure that they all are sponsored by Russia, that they are Russian Intelligence fighters, but they called themselves volunteers mostly from Crimea. Now though they get a lot of reinforcments from all regions of Eastern Ukraine, and even from other countries(as they say - Chechnya for example). In Lugansk a week ago city hall was taken by protestors. Protestors' camp near National Security building lives as earlier. Whole city is getting ready for 11th May to vote at referrendum, which is initiated by new administrator of region - he is a leader of South-Eastern Army. Lugansk politicians supported him couple days ago. 
In mass media Kiev's capturers are like saviors, only best is shown - not quite democratic methods, right? So people who can think get info from social networks as Vkontakte, youtube etc. It's clear that both sides captures not cities or territories but human minds and ideals. It's horrible but every day more and more people become ready to kill for what they believe in. 
I'm the citizen of Eastern Ukraine and I want to get rid of government in Kiev as they just don't hear people. If you try to say anything against them - you're a separatist, terrorist. If you like Russia - you're traitor... isn't it facism?
for a bit clearer understanding what's happening here - watch the video with english subtitles -
Editors note.  Rated R.  Contains dead bodies
This video was very professionally done and it very pro russion and anti "Kiev"