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Ukraine Update 5 July 2014 from Kireno - Getting Worse in East

Hello! It's 5 July, 2014. Situation on the east of Ukraine is becoming worse every day. This whole madness gets more cruel, bloodlusting. Who could even think that within our country people could start killing and hating each other because of such stupid reason. Life in big cities on the East, such as Donetsk and Lugansk is still possible. Stores are full with goods and food, transport is available, water and gas are on. But as for normal life as it was before - it is paused of course. After 8 pm it is hard to find people on the street, except drunk men, criminals and homeless. Cities become empty in the evening, and this silence is frightening. Sometimes in the night you hear gunfire, Ak or pistol. Sometimes you hear explosions as if - grenade or flashbag. Army of Sout East patrol cities together with police, and if something is wrong they don't arrest you according to some ethic law... they just might shoot you and that's it. Maybe it's a good way to clean the society, but very often people get hurt occasionally... or vigillantes become criminals because of power. You can't have fun, you can't relax.... life becomes empty. And I believe - whoever wins this conflict - life in South East won't get better for years from now. So many people decide to leave to Russia. It may sound strange for you, as western mass media declares that Russia is an aggressor, its troops are here etc. To tell the truth, mostly people hate Ukraine here after what new government has done, after Maidan, Pravyy Sector, burnt people in Odessa, aircraft shots in Lugansk, now same bombing of Stanitsa near Lugansk. (by the way, every big bloody event happened on 2nd day  of each month, noticed that?). So mostly people escape to Russia, not to visit granny as Psaki told (My God, what a stupid woman), not to go to mountains... they just run and run somewhere safe! Rostov, Moscow, St. Petersburg... anywhere to start a new life or survive for some time to come back. Families become split by the border which is now dangerous to be crossed... and nobody knows when it's over. But I can say that about half of society is sure that these armored men - LNR and DNR are the reason, they are terrorists and so on. We can't know who controls them, who is sponsor... but the fact that Ukrainian goverment doesn't care about ordinary people as much as Russia or these armored vigillantes. I don't have these illusions based on patriotic feelings, or facing fascism... Watching Ukrainian and Russian news gives me a thought that it's all a big theatre and both sides play same plot. It's easy to make up a news report to convince somebody that Kiev government are fascists or that Putin is a terrorist... but if you try to sort things out, find the reason, understand who is interested in all this - answers might be different from what you hear on TV. Politicians and rich people will make a deal, no worries, but how many lives will be ended? ruined? And most problem, i think, is a big amount of extremistic groups from both sides who are like religios fanatics - 100% sure in their right, who will kill anyone who just disagrees for a second. Such people take part in actions in National guard, Pravyy sector, LNR and DNR soldiers groups. They got their minds made up and they go just forward to win. 
I think, that from the very beginning, hurting young people on Maidan on 30rd November could never become a reason of such huge national protest without some big support of EU and USA. Why their politics were on Maidan starting from first days of its activity? It's a NATIONal process or what? What the hell are big politicians of foreign countries do on the stage of Maidan? It was a scenario of making an enemy of Russia and Putin and making friends with USA and West. People shall see in near future - USA doesn't care about Ukraine at all! How convinient that they fall in love with us right now, when Yanukovich refused assiociation with EU, Berkut hit some punks on the square and Putin offered a great deal to Yanukovich and Ukraine, right? Ukraine and Russia is the same people! Well, maybe western regions differ a bit... but it was the same for long time before now. Western regions were part of couple countries... and we were always a russian region! Any nationalism won't make life better in any country in the world, as in any country nations are mixed. Pure nation paradigm is used by world owners to achieve their objectives. When it's done - all these protesters will disappear.  We just need to survive all this, be strong, stay out of trouble, never find conflicts, stop arguing...  I'm sure the whole plan of this conflict is already written, confirmed and being followed :)