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Raw Text - August Update from Eastern Ukraine Refugee


Good day, everyone! I'm a citizen of Ukraine, born at the East... at the city which is now bombed for couple months. I'm relocated to Moscow and am pretty happy about that. The facts are: my city is turned into a place where people can't live, work, develop. I don't know who actually bombs my town, i don't know the cause and the reasons of this happening.

All I know is that world is ruled by clans, which now are at war and we (ordinary people) have to deal with that, survive that, suffer, escape. News say that two sides are: USA and Russia.. but I think it's all much more deeper. Sides don't have defined country or race. And maybe there is more than two sides at all. My friend, try to understand that whole world order, world media reputation is controled by powerful people and we must be able to look inside the event, to reach its deepest reason. What you hear on TV, in newspaper is NEVER 100% true. Remember that and learn to be unsure, learn how to check the facts you get from mass media. For example: 777 plane crash near Donetsk is a worldwide event, which happened as planned at the very convinient time at critical territory's sky. What USA people hear? They think that DNR rebels with Russian support hit the plane with BUK-1 anti aircraft weapon, right? Ok, where are the evidences? Any? Now, all we get are some photos which are made as screenshots from the PC game, can you imagine??? And it all was shown in couple weeks, but Russia held press conference where whole its position and all evidences from their side were shown. Now, why would rebels hit the plane??? if they did it on purpose, then what was the purpose??? do they really need all this anger of the whole world? I don't think so. Maybe it was hit by them not on purpose and they thought that it's a warplane. Then why plane on such height was hit only that day? During two months before that they had dozens of warplanes flying on much more lower height (i saw those planes SU-25 with my own eyes), and they never were hit. And finally, have you seen BUK-1 shooting? try, youtube, you'll see that it leaves a huge white trail of smoke which should have been seen at 50km radius territory... Somebody had to see that smoke, be a witness, make a photo, video... anything. But none of these evidences of witnesses were presented. From my point of view - I'm sure, there was no BUK-1 shots at all. Plance was hit by aircraft or had bomb on board. In both cases guilt is on Ukraine side! That's for sure. That's why discussion of somy missles, possibly, given by Russians to rebels is pointless. none of these missles were used, even if they are at rebels use.

Kiev's government is useless, ridiculous, I totally hate them... Maidan was the beginning of all this! People at Lugansk say: "rebels should go away, before them we had peace." No! Before Maidan we had peace... Yanukovich would go away in a year, and nothing bad would happen during this year... but now we have this year full of blood, anger and suffering.  Because of Maidan all these nationalistic groups got power and held bloody bath in Odessa, aircraft shooting in Lugansk... and now act in war on East... God, please, save their souls, but totally destroy their bodies! They don't deserve to live! Hear me, my friends, a citizen of Eastern Ukraine, of Lugansk! Those nationalists took away my home! Destroyed it! Because of them all key objects are destroyed, doesn't matter by whom... we remember who started it all!

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